Computer Evaluations

Includes a written report specifying adaptive hardware and software requirements, training and custom setup or configuration required to make computer programs accessible to the end user. Evaluations requiring more than 1 day may have additional charges at our hourly rate.

Technology Employment Plan

The structure of our employment services enables our instructors to work with any client at any level of employment preparation, from the very entry level where we explore core competencies and learn about individual personality types and career indicators, to where we teach about the different types of resumes and cover letters and their specific uses. Other employment services cover targeted job search techniques and finding the “Hidden Job Market” to more advanced topics of interview techniques, disability disclosure and how to bring the whole process together. The TEP challenges the individual in a positive and supportive environment, with one-on-one attention and role play, along with homework to complete each session. ATS fully embraces the idea of a flexible and individual program that can commence immediately for any client at any level. Our mission is to remain abreast of any changes in all aspects of job market trends, such as:

  • How to address a company through a cover letter
  • What is the difference in a resume for a job with the federal government, state agencies or private sector
  • The dos and don’ts of what is appropriate in an interview situation Our employment instructors remain current with these trends through their vast experience in recruiting and continued connections, making them in essence the best people to prepare the job seeker for their successful employment.

Installation & Setup

Includes basic installation and setup of computer, adaptive hardware and software, monitors, printer and scanners for up to 2 hours. In addition, hotkeys will be setup for quick access to popular applications. Other hardware or software installations, such as Operating System upgrades, Dial-up, DSL or cable modem internet installations, and file transfers may require additional charges at our hourly rate.

On-Site Training

One-on-one individualized training at the customers site. All training is individualized and customized to the student. On-site training is only available with a 3 hour minimum per session.

On-Site Technical Support

On-site visit to repair computer related hardware and software technical problems. On-site technical support requires a 2 hour minimum. Time permitting, technician will also perform basic computer maintenance and updates.

Scripting & Custom Configuration

Includes customization of Jaws or WindowEyes for proprietary applications. Scripting for common applications with specific needs for access is also available. Please contact us for time estimates and more information about our scripting services.